Hi Folks, PLEASE READ the following - it is very important for all of us to move forward gracefully. Thank you.

Please Note: This growing season, 2024, will be our last. The final catalog edition will be our Aurumn 2024 catalog. I expect it will be comprehensive, certainly worth a look. We have ended our Spring 2024 Sales. THERE WILL BE AN AUTUMN CATALOG... we hope to have it uploaded by mid-August. It's going to be a monster catalog - comprehensive; therefore, it may take longer to piece together. The mid-August airing is aspirational. 

Because there is an overwhelming number of timely issues to face, e.g. the usual running of the nursery but now with a realtor, showings, packing, selling items as I downsize, finding a new home and moving into it, etc. etc. etc. There are some services that I have previously provided customers that I will need to modify due to the tsunami that is about to engulf me. One biggie is that if you place a 2nd order or more I will only combine orders when you supply me with the email I always send out acknowledging the S&H date plus the re-assigned order number. If you do not I will not guarantee the merging of 2 or more orders into one.  

Also, regarding telephone calls: there is soooo much scam and spam that avoiding the telephone has become necessary for mental health LOL. We have all experienced this intrusive, disruptive and maddening phenomenon. If at all possible I ask that you please contact me via email. And thank you so much for your consideration. My address is; I will do what I am able but that, too, may be limited.

We do not print a paper catalog.

Please be aware of our Shipping Policy

I am grateful for your kindness and consideration and do thank you beforehand. Wishing you all the very best in the coming year. And for the many of you who have elicited so many well wishes and caring words please let me just say how very touched I am. Thank you all - I'll catch up with you hopefully in mid-August. I am aspiring to that time for the catalog upload but it may be delayed due to the unusual complexity of it. It appears we may be in for a very hot summer ("OH! But there is no climate chage." God save us from these greedy, arrogant freaks. In that they are leaving an increasingly uninhabitable planet to their offspring does this not make them abusers of children? Just sayin'.)

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