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Lonicera x 'Mandarin'

Climbing Honeysuckle

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Lonicera x 'Mandarin' (ex: Louis Raymond) - Mandarin orange tubes exhibit a golden-orange interior. The clustered funnel-shaped flowers are long and large, slightly fragrant and very showy. New growth is a striking purple but as the leaves expand the color mutes to green retaining pinkish veins. This gorgeous twining vine is the complex child of hybridization, L. tragophylla x brownii 'Mandarin' made in Canada. Sterile, it will not produce fruit or offspring. These pics were taken at Louis Raymond's magic garden in Hopkinton, RI before his life changing move. The amazing garden is sadly lost. The pairing of 'Mandarin' is with Clematis 'Romantika'. As gob smacking as it is in pics you should have seen the entire wall of this combination - I could have gazed upon it forever; the vision is burned into my brain thankfully. Average to fertile, draining soil in mostly to fully sunny exposure. Established potted twining vine from cutting.


15-20 ft


Orange, Yellow


(3b)4 to 9
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Characteristics and Attributes for Lonicera x 'Mandarin'

Season of Interest (Flowering)

  • Late Spring

Season of Interest (Foliage)

  • Spring / Summer / Autumn

Nature Attraction

  • Deer Resistant
  • Butterflies
  • Hummingbirds
  • Honey Bees & Native Bees


  • Full Sun
  • Mostly Sunny


  • Climbing
  • Accent
  • Cottage Garden
  • Wall

Growth Rate in the Garden

  • Moderately Fast


  • Draining
  • Fertile


  • Garden Origin

Propagated By

  • Cutting Grown