May it be a Happy New Year. Safe passage is nearing. Uncross your fingers when you step into the garden...

Due to Covid-19 and its unanticipated impact upon nurseries across the country many plants are in short supply. Note the bold print availability numbers following the plant name in the desciptive narrative. If no number is there you may assume we have more than 6 of that plant available. Otherwise, we implore you to order bearing what is possible in mind. Thank you.

Please consider signing up for our Quackin' Grass Nursery Newsletter and Quackin' Quick Notes to keep abreast of new listings and pertinent information... We only send out approximately 3 to 6 each year and only when the catalog is updated with new offerings, if we alter the Display Garden page or when new articles are uploaded to Herald. We have no desire to spam your lives!

Have a gracious and safe holiday season. And as always: thank you.

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