Kolkwitzia amabilis


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Kolkwitzia amabilis - Good old-fashioned Beautybush. We love seeing it in front of old houses and farms lending an air of nostalgia and quiet down home country. An easy, tough shrub it is covered in pink and cream-yellow funnel flowers in such abundance that the foliage is almost entirely cloaked. This easy-natured shrub flowers in mid-spring in northeastern Connecticut, earlier down south. Leaves are simple and covered in a very fine fuzz and have no discernible fall color. The shrub's habit is upright, with arching branches, the aggregate making a vase-shaped to rounded outline. The wood on old specimens can become gnarled with exfoliating bark which adds to winter interest. If you are to prune this fine candidate in a shrub border, part of a screening scheme or as a specimen please do so right after flowering as Kolkwitzia amabilis blooms on old wood. Trouble-free in full to mostly full sun in fertile, draining ground. Deer resistant... they seem not to be interested. Established potted shrub from cutting.


8-10 ft


8-10 ft


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KOLKWI Kolkwitzia amabilis (5 inch Square x 6 inch Tall - true 2 quarts / 1.8927 liters) $26.00 Sold Out