Design, Aesthetics, Observations and Art

AUTUMN LIGHT is a rich observation recounting several hours: "Today is the day after the evening the asteroid hurtled past between the earth's moon and our planet in 2011. The day grows late..." This piece is intended to open the experience of gardeners, to recognize and better appreciate  the play of light in all of our landscapes.

DESIGN is a 4-part series that uses a simple landscape design to whet your creative appetites. We then look at the basics of plant form (Design Tools), their relationships to each other (Design Principles) and possible ways to employ these tools and principles (Art and Dangerous Minds) This was a daunting series for me to pen but I learned much in my research. May it be helpful to you all.

FEBRUARY is an observation of a gardener's passionate longing for spring

COURT AND SPARK is a personal epiphany when as an impressionable child in kindergarten a portal to a transformative world of wonder and possibility was opened... Bring a child to the threshold. Allow him or her to step beyond. Leap. Fly. Miracle and wonder: pay it forward. Peace.

DAPHNE is a humorous and self-deprecating bio regarding Daphne... the Daphne from SOME LIKE IT HOT ​and a difficult initiation into the world of Daphne, the shrubby thyme relative. Worth it on all counts!

ARMCHAIR GARDENING is an aspirational and poetic way, a different way, to approach your gardens. It is a way to dream about your gardens, to consider them, escape to them during the grinding winter days. It is when longing to be in them peaks and piques.