Climate and Ecology

THE BIG MELT ties the work of Jeff Orlowski to an overview of some of the elements of climate change.

CLIMATE CHANGE: A POLITICAL RANT FOR ALL SEASONS is a hard-hitting editorial skewering a mock-up of a Capitol Hill politician who has boiler-plated the phrase, "I am not a scientist but..." Add a tie-in to Sharknado, baby!

ON HUMILITY is an essay examining whether or not activist conservationists embody humility.

WHAT IS A NATIVE PLANT? explores the definition of "native" which has been bantered about too loosely by too many.

ALIEN VERSUS PREDATOR examines the positive potential of plants which may not be native but beneficial, even welcome. 

LITTLE BROWN BATS are in big trouble. Two articles, the 2nd an update, focus attention on this tragedy in the making.

HONEYBEE COLONY COLLAPSE DISORDER spotlights the tenacious malady impacting honeybees all over North America and beyond.

THE SCIENCE OF PHENOLOGY - examines the expanding importance of this observational science in the time of climate change.

CELEBRATE EARTH DAY: A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN - A green article for you with the heart of gold!

NEWLY UNDERSTOOD CLIMATE CHANGE COMPLICATIONS - an overview of some cyclical events which can and do feed into each other exacerbating the problem of global warming.

EUROPEAN PAPER WASP - this intrepid invader is causing big problems for butterflies and other important species.

EMERALD ASH BORER - a discussion of this destructive pest.