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courtesy of Shikoku Garden

Jeffersonia dubia 'Variegata'

Variegated Asian Twinleaf

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Jeffersonia dubia 'Variegata' - This is the rare and choice variegated form of Asian Twinleaf. Otherwise it is typical which is to say exceptional and choice with lovely blue flowers and an attractive presence with its large round coins of leaves splashed and streaked in yellow. Part, dappled to open shade in fertile, draining soil. 'This form may have been a mutation found in someone's garden... we don't know the origins; but the species is naturally found in Korea and Manchuria. These resent disturbance once settled into their garden home. Be patient and you will be rewarded. Probably best planted in spring if you live at the northern end of its temperature range. Established pot grown Variegated Asian Twinleaf from division.


10-12 in


10-12 in



Characteristics and Attributes for Jeffersonia dubia 'Variegata'

Season of Interest (Flowering)

  • Spring

Season of Interest (Foliage)

  • Spring / Summer / into Autumn

Nature Attraction

  • Deer Resistant


  • Morning Sun / Afternoon Shade
  • Shade Tolerant
  • Dappled Shade


  • Rock Garden
  • Accent
  • Collector Plant
  • Woodland

Growth Rate in the Garden

  • Slow


  • Fertile
  • Draining
  • Organic


  • Manchuria
  • Korea

Propagated By

  • Division