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Iris versicolor 'Purple Flame' - Harlequin Blue Flag from Quackin Grass Nursery

Iris versicolor 'Purple Flame' - Harlequin Blue Flag from Quackin Grass Nursery

Iris versicolor 'Purple Flame'

Harlequin Blue Flag

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Iris versicolor 'Purple Flame' - 'Purple Flame' displays a striking infusion of dusky purple on all new leaves. Those fans of sword leaves with generous eggplant coloration are the base for the medium violet-purple June irises on this Mt. Cuba introduction. It appears that the flowers have picked up some of the genetics of the extraordinary foliage. This fine introduction's purple leaves that will have you clutching the pearls, fluttering the fan, exclaiming "Oh MY - Where's my fainting couch? Hurry! Bring the salts!! Full to mostly full sun in rich, fertile to wet ground. It's spectacular at pond's edge. Don't faint and kursplat into the pond, please. And heavens! Never, ever muddy your pearls. Established potted Iris by old-fashioned division.


24-36 in


24-36 in




(2)3 to 7
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Characteristics and Attributes for Iris versicolor 'Purple Flame'

Season of Interest (Flowering)

  • Spring

Season of Interest (Foliage)

  • Spring / Summer / into Autumn

Nature Attraction

  • Honey Bees & Native Bees
  • Butterflies


  • Full Sun
  • Mostly Sunny


  • Bog
  • Marginal
  • Border
  • Pond, Bog, Wetland
  • Edging
  • Cottage Garden
  • Natural Garden
  • Grouping
  • Accent

Growth Rate in the Garden

  • Medium


  • Moist
  • Fertile
  • Humus Laden
  • Organic
  • Sandy


  • Garden Origin

Propagated By

  • Division

Genus Overview: Iris

Common Name: Iris

From small woodland species and tiny forms happy in a sunny trough to those that stretch to one's waist and higher irises are among the most beautiful and unique of herbaceous perennials. They come in an amazing array of colors with fans of foliage that provide textural contrast to other garden denizens long after the flowers have passed. None that we carry are especially common. All are beautiful in the full sun border with many adaptable to pond's edge. They want a home! Pot grown division unless otherwise indicated.