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Cardiandra alternifolia

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Cardiandra alternifolia - This herbaceous Hydrangea relative is topped at the tips of stems lace cap heads in pretty light pink to white displaying broad, large and showy sepals usually in sets of three. Its blade-like serrated leaves exude a satin finish though if you gently rub them between fingers or examine closely a hirsute fuzz is plainly evident. Cardiandra alternifolia forms a a gentle, rounded mound in dappled to open shade planted. Plant in fertile, organic soil. A humusy soil, one that retains constant moisture will keep this relatively unknown, sweet and easy plant content. Treat it as you would Deinanthe. And though it displays a quiet presence it is surprisingly sturdy and certainly lovely in flower. Cardiandra alternifolia will serve you well when planted with herbaceous woodlanders such as ferns, Asarum, Polygonatum, Trillium, Cardamine, etc. Spring planting is advised in the north. Established potted perennial, cutting grown.


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15-24 in




(5)6 to 9
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